We are delighted to open our squads to more athletes for the 2019-20 season. The squads below cater for sprinters and hurdlers aged 12 and upwards. Keep reading for more information and contact details.

Bronze squad - Monday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm, Saturday 10am.

Lead Coach - Charlie Craddock; Strength & Conditioning Coach - Antonia Gregoriou

This squad caters for sprinters 16 years and older. Athletes will learn the mechanics of acceleration and maximal velocity running with an individualised training programme designed to maximise development and performance. Charlie and Antonia prepare athletes for competition over 100m-400m for both the indoor and outdoor seasons.

Development Squads - option for one or two sessions per week

  • Hurdles - Wednesday 5.30pm, Saturday 9am. Coaches - Laura Turner-Alleyne & James Weaver.

    This squad caters for athletes aged 12 years and older. Athletes will develop their hurdle technique, rhythm and speed under the watchful eye of Laura Turner-Alleyne and GB International hurdler, James Weaver. Laura and James have been working together for 4 years. Athletes will learn the warm up, conditioning and training philosophies that have helped James reach a World Junior Final and two European U23 finals in the 110m Hurdles. We welcome sprint and long hurdlers.

  • Sprints - Wednesday 6pm, Saturday 9.30am. Lead Coach - Luke Sargeant

    This squad caters for athletes aged 12-16 years old. Athletes will develop their speed and acceleration using the tried and testing training methods employed by all coaches at WLTF. Luke has been with WLTF for four years, consistently running PB’s over both the 100m and 200m. This squad would suit athletes competing in track and field as well as team sport athletes looking to improve their speed.

Athletes are able to chose one session per week or two sessions a week, there is also the option to chose one sprints and one hurdles session per week.

Coaching fees apply. Please contact laura@westlondontrackandfield.com for more information