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West London Pole Vault

Group and Individual Pole Vault Coaching in London


West London Pole Vault

Group and Individual Pole Vault Coaching in London


West London Pole Vault is a specialist branch of West London Track & Field, dedicated to developing and promoting performance in the Pole Vault. We offer a range of coaching services for aspiring and developing Pole Vaulters across a wide age bracket.



Our aim is to help each athlete in our care to maximise their individual potential. We do this using a professional, transparent, team approach to coaching which has made us one of the most successful training groups in the UK.


We are proud to not only train, but educate athletes. We know that success is achieved through each athlete developing a full understanding of their event, and the movements, skillsets and mental tools required to excel. By educating athletes, we ensure athlete ownership and continuous learning.


We support the Club structure in the UK by providing centralised, professional, structured, coaching and support services for athletes. This allows athletics clubs to have a quality pool of athletes competing for them, without the worry of finding the funds for equipment at their home tracks.


Our training base is at Brunel University in West London, where we currently serve over 40 Pole Vaulters, representing a number of athletics clubs across the UK.

West London Pole Vault - Film

We love Pole Vault, and sharing what we do!

Check out a feature film recently done on U15 National Champion, Jade Spencer-Smith.

our structure

Squad memberships

For athletes wishing to commit to developing themselves as a Pole Vaulter, we offer a limited number of squad memberships annually. This gives athletes the opportunity to be part of one of our three squads, and join our long-term athlete development pathway.

We have a Bronze, Silver and Gold squad which provide performance progression options for athletes as they develop, on their athletic journey. These squads currently cater for just over 40 athletes, training with WLTF on a regular, full time basis.

Athletes wishing to commit to regular training, aspriing to learn to Pole Vault can apply to join our Bronze squad from age 13 upwards. As athlete understanding and performance progresses, we invite athletes to move to the silver, and then gold squads. Each of these squads provide a scaled progression in terms of commitment, performance standards, and expectations.

Our gold squad currently includes a number of athletes who have represented England, Scotland, and Great Britain at major international championships in the last 3 years.

The cost of joining us full time is dependent on the squad level, but starts at £64 per month for Bronze membership.

If you wish to find out more, or apply to join one of our squads, please use the contact form here.


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Pole Vault squad & achievements

Highlights from the squad's National and International achievements to date

Pole Vault squad & achievements

Highlights from the squad's National and International achievements to date

Pole Vault Squad

Achievements of West London Pole Vault Squad Members - Past & Present



  • U20 England Champion Indoors & Out - Jess Robinson
  • U15 England Champion Indoors & Out - Jade Spencer-Smtih
  • U20 English Schools 2nd place - Sophie Dowson
  • U17 English Indoor Championships 2nd place - Izzy Deacon
  • U15 English Indoor Championships 3rd place - Tolu Ayo-Ojo


  • U17 England Champion Indoors & Out - Andy Douglas
  • English Schools Champion Inter Boys - Andy Douglas
  • UK School Games - 1st - Andy Douglas
  • U15 England Champion Indoors & Out - Jade Spencer-Smith
  • English Schools Champion Junior Girls - Jade Spencer-Smith
  • U17 England Indoor Championships 2nd - Dawid Cedro
  • U15 Lewis Herzog - England Indoor Championships - 2nd


  • English Schools Championships Senior Girls 3rd - Amber Try
  • U17 England Indoor Championships 3rd - Dylan Carlsson-Smith
  • U17 England Indoor Championships 2nd - Jess Robinson
  • U17 England Outdoor Championships 3rd - Jess Robinson
  • U17 England Indoor Championships 2nd - Andy Douglas
  • English Schools Championships Intermediate Boys 2nd - Andy Douglas




  • Jess Robinson - European Youth Championships 6th
  • Courtney MacGuire - Scotland - Loughborough International
  • Ethan Walsh - European Junior Clubs Cup - 2nd


  • Andy Douglas U17 England v Scotland v Wales 1st
  • Jess Robinson - England - U18 Celtic Cup
  • Sophie Dowson England - Welsh Athletics International
  • Ethan Walsh - European Junior Clubs Cup 2nd