Jason has been working as a sports massage practitioner in multi-disciplined clinics for a number of years. Furthering his studies, he completed a Master’s degree in Osteopathy, adding this to his range of competencies. Jason has experience in treating athletes track side and delivering exercise to support rehabilitation training and improve overall body bio mechanics.  He has also provided track side treatment to athletes at major UK competitions.

Jason has experience in working with local rugby teams and is currently working with the Harlequins amateur rugby club based at St Mary's University in Twickenham. He has also been involved in treating other sports players which includes being part of a medical team for competitors at the British National and International Karate championships.

Jason enjoys working with a variety of people and is able to provide and tailor treatment to suit their individual needs. He has a keen interest in swimming, running and martial arts as well as general fitness and the treatment of sporting injuries. He takes part in regular CPD (continuous professional development) lectures in order to grow his knowledge and skillsets.


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